Milngavie Choir Committee 2018-2019

President: Rhona Raeburn

Rhona chairs committee meetings, introduces our concerts, and is one of the main contacts for people wanting to find out about the choir or join us.



Vice-President: Andrea Hagenbuch

The Vice-Chair is ready to stand by in the President's absence and to step into their shoes as President once they reaches the end of their term of office.


Secretary: Vacancy

The Secretary coordinates all our secretarial jobs, such as choir correspondence, committee agendas, hall bookings, and so on. These jobs are shared between the Secretary and co-opted committee members Mary Brailey and Margaret White.

Nancy Sim takes the committee minutes.


Treasurer: Jacqueline Macrae


Jacqui takes in subscription money and funds raised, writes the cheques, makes grant applications, keeps the books and generally makes sure we stay solvent. She also acts as our channel of communication with Making Music Scotland.


Section reps: Jan Reid (sopranos); Mary Tedder (altos), Robert Rutherford (tenors) and Brian Hayward (basses)

Publicity: Brian Hayward

The publicity team deals with all the publicity for the choir. They make sure that our concerts and other activities are publicised and generally that people know about the choir and what we're doing.

Librarian: Rhona Raeburn, Liz Melville and Kate Harrison

This triumvirate does a sterling job of obtaining music for rehearsals and performances - sometimes at short notice. Some of the music is already in the choir's own library: otherwise it's downloaded from authorised websites, or hired or bought. We also get discount by bulk-buying music or training CDs for choir members who want their own copies.

Tea Convenor: Irene Paton


Although choir members take it in turns to serve tea at the interval in rehearsals, it is Irene who provides the supplies and overall organisation of the refreshments.

Irene arranges the after-concert refreshments, together with Norma Dalziel.


   Mary Brailey


Co-opted commitee members: Mary Brailey, Jan Reid, Liz Melville, Sheila Harrison and Margaret White.

Mary administers our website and online shop


Musical Director: Jonathan Sedgwick

The Music Director is a key member of all committee meetings. It is him who suggests what music we should perform, makes all the arrangements for guest soloists and instrumentalists, keeps us all enthusiastic, and carries the burden of all our anxious moments.