Support Milngavie's community choir

You are our audience

For a choir to come into its own, it needs an audience. We enjoy practising, but rehearsals are only really meaningful when they lead to a successful performance. So we invite you to come and listen to us. Our concerts are well advertised in the community and also, of course, on this website.


We are a strictly voluntary organisation, but we do need some cash to keep us going. In return for all their hard work, our Music Director receives an honorarium and and our accompanying pianist is paid a fee We also need to buy our music scores and pay for the hire of the Church Hall where we practise and the venues where we perform. Money is also needed for the soloists, orchestras and instrumentalists who join us for some of our concerts. We hold various fundraising events during the year and these will be advertised around the community and here on our website. 


You can help us raise funds by using our webshop to connect into online shopping websites. It is easy to use and it doesn't require any cash or time investment on your part, should you agree to help us. All it needs is for you to shop and buy occasionally from one of the affiliated companies via our own designated web portal. Goods on offer vary from books and CDs, to flowers, chocolates, electricals and electronics, clothing, travel, and even banking services. All the companies are well known and most of them also trade on the High Street. The difference is that when you buy via our web portal a percentage of the cash you spend with the affiliated sponsors will be put into an account set up for the choir - without it costing you a penny extra.

It's really simple to get started; all you have to do is register on and select Milngavie Choir as your cause. Then go through the webshop (tip: add it to your favourites or bookmarks toolbar) to reach your favourite online shops, and the retailers will pay us a small commission on whatever you spend – it doesn’t cost you a penny. You can also download the Find and Remind toolbar, which makes things even easier by telling you which shops are part of the scheme as you search for your wanted item on Google or similar.